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Welcome to the

Archdiocesan Catechetical Office

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That Life Giving Catechesis for every age and stage of the Christian journey be offered in every parish.

To provide spiritual, catechetical, moral and ecclesial formation for every age and stage of the Christian journey. The goal of this ministry is to empower all to make their faith ” living, conscious and active.”

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What is happening in catechetics within the Archdiocese

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  • I am pleased!
    I am pleased!

    Irma Rattansingh

    I am pleased!

    "I am very pleased with the online course, it's contents and the fact that it's online which is easily accessible on my own time, cost effective, educational and has no exams or deadlines. The contents are very detailed which allowed me to learn more about being a Catholic and which I can now extend to others. I strongly urge Catholics young and mature to do this particular course, not just to teach but to also educate yourself about being a Catholic. It's a great investment presently as some of us are home so while the kids work virtually, you can study online. Remember the Holy Spirit is present and guiding us. Blessings"

  • Krysta Jarvis

    When God Calls

    When God calls you for his Purpose he equips you accordingly…………
    Thinking about God's Favour, God's Mercy, God's Grace, God's Promises and God's Unconditional Love, I feel empowered to grow in Christ. 
    I believe that where there is strong desire, God will make a way for you... I soon recognized how reading the lessons enabled me to grow more in faith and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while, providing the fundamental information about my Catholic Faith and the skill necessary to execute this faith through knowledge...

    To God be the Glory great things he continues to do……….Amen