by Zackary K. Phagoo

WEEK 1 – 6th April, 2019

Today I received my plant. I have decided to call him Tony Stark after my favorite character, Iron Man .Tony Stark is very small with a few leaves. I plan to take good care of him.

WEEK 3-27th April, 2019

Tony has grown .He is now 4 inches tall with more leaves. Over the past few weeks, my mom helped me to transplant him into a bigger pot. Each day I water him when I get home.

WEEK 6-8th May, 2019

Tony is now 7 inches tall. He has more leaves and his leaves are much bigger also.

WEEK 9-8th June

Tony has really grown. He is 15 inches tall and his leaves are HUGE! The largest leaves are the same size as my hand!

WEEK 12-29th June, 2019

Tony Stark is 16 inches tall. His leaves have grown even bigger. He now has 4 little white flowers. I’m not sure what type of pepper he will bear but I can’t wait to find out.